Staples Inventory Analyst in Framingham, Massachusetts


Position Summary

As an Inventory Analyst, your primary responsibility is to manage foundational in-stock, ads/promotions, product transition, supply chain and vendor relations.

Primary Responsibilities

Manage Foundational In-stock

  • Utilizeforecasting/planning/allocation tools to order product and ensure smoothflow to stores, warehouses and fulfillment centers

  • Improve forecasting usingexception management tools and reporting

  • Track, expedite and maintainopen purchase orders

  • Communicate vendor andproduct issues, accurately and timely, with the Merchandising team, SupplyChain, and other impacted groups

  • Minimize overstocks whilemaximizing sales and service levels

  • Team with Product Managerand Planner to help maximize sales, service levels, inventory and turn andmeet objectives


  • Maintain high levels ofin-stock on weekly ads and seasonal promotions

  • Execute timely placement oforders. Track and expedite to meet set-up timelines and service levelgoals

  • Use allocation tool toproperly identify appropriate historical information and quantities bylocation to ensure appropriate sell through and turn

  • Utilize system plans insupport of in season demand

  • Monitor event sales and takeaction to optimize sales and turn and reduce overstocks

  • Work with Product Managerand Planner to proactively address Ad and Promo residuals

Product Transition Management

  • Work with the Merchandisingteam to successfully plan and execute a variety of product transitionsincluding Planogram, New Catalog mailings, Seasonal buys, etc.

  • Execute timely placement oforders

  • Track and expedite to meetset-up timelines and achieve service level goals

  • Minimize obsolescence andmaximize turn through timely forecast updates

  • Work with Product Managerand Planner to establish sell down plans

  • Communicate and escalateissues to minimize impacts to Customer service

Supply Chain/Vendor Relations

  • Partner with Merchandisingand Supply Chain to assist in minimizing key supplier lead times towarehouses and fulfillment centers with improved reliability

  • Develop and maintainpositive and effective relations with vendors to facilitate timely andaccurate processing of orders and delivered product

  • Monitor Vendor performanceusing Staples Partners and AS400 Metrics reports

  • Work with vendors and SupplyChain to improve vendor reliability in meeting on time standards

  • Alert Merchandising team tovendor performance issues

  • Demonstrates understandingof total Supply Chain implications of Inventory Management decisions



  • High School Diploma orequivalent

  • 1 year of related workexperience in a retail setting


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Intermediate knowledge ofMicrosoft Office and demonstrated capability managing replenishment systemfunctionality, including completion of E3 Certification within 6 months ofhire

  • Strong oral and writtencommunication skills

  • Flexible attitude, Detailoriented with strong organizational and information gathering skills

  • Retail, .Com, or Catalogexperience helpful

Staples is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law.